Restoring balance and harmony


I am a natural therapeutics practitioner helping people to achieve physical and mental balance and health. Through working with the body and energy, both physical and more subtle blockages can be removed, which allows for a more comfortable body and mind and restores balance and harmony to the being.

The principal modality in which I work is called Core Synchronism. It is a gentle yet deep, sophisticated yet simple model for addressing issues in both the gross anatomy of the physical body and the subtle anatomy of the energetic bodies.

Core synchronism, with roots in cranio-osteopathy and polarity therapy, views pain as the result of a body part (mental, emotional, etheric, physical) being out of synch with the core current and cerebral spinal fluid. “Core” refers to the core energetic current behind everything in our physical and energetic bodies, while “Synchronism” refers to having the various physical and energetic structures in synch with themselves, each other and the core current.

By clearing physical and more subtle blockages, the results are a more comfortable body and mind. Core synchronism’s applications are vast, from generally enhancing well-being and relaxation to addressing specific pain to transforming emotional patterns.

The recipient of a Core Synchronism treatment lies fully clothed. Through light touch, the skilled practitioner feels the subtle mechanical movements of bones, muscles, organs, and structures and makes adjustments that synch them to the core current and cerebrospinal fluid, thus establishing balanced, harmonious movement. Many people find a Core Synchronism session to be deeply relaxing, while fostering a sense of ease and well being. Core can help a person to feel better in body and mind, which is deepened over the course of a series of treatments.

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David is an experienced Core Synchronism practitioner and has assistant-taught class with its founder in New Mexico. A long time meditator and student of Buddhism, David has spent nearly 10 years in Nepal, India and Tibet. He began his first mentorship in the healing arts in 2002 with Janet Evergreen, training in biodynamic craniosacral therapy. In 2009, David embarked full time on healing arts training at New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist and entering into mentorship with Robert Stevens, ND the developer of Core Synchronism. He currently lives in Park Slope and straddles the worlds of technology and healing. He is conversationally fluent in Tibetan, Mandarin, and Nepali.


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